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Artist living in my self-build van

About me: the Story

A story about (just) a girl

Watch my short video, created by me with a short story about my life.

My name is Noël and I’m a solo traveler artist. Over the past 6 months I’ve build my own van to travel the world. The main reason why Im doing this: to create my own reality thoughts and beliefs about this wonderful world.

My heart is in Nature, Art, Photography, Meditation and Blogging. I would love to inspire you to take your steps to do whatever you want, don’t be afraid of anything and anyone. To inspire you to create your own reality thoughts and beliefs.

“Its just a journey and we are in this together, as one.”

I’ve created a short video about my story. Click on the left link to see it. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you soon.

My art is finally for sale, here some close-ups

Recent blog

From campervan to art studio

From self-build camper van to self-build art studio. Im still at the farm, but so many camper van adjustments to share with you. I will share with you my time-lapse of my artstudio build. And something about my art because I didn’t share something about it on my channel.

Enjoy watching.

More vanlife-artstudiovlogs will be online soon.


My love for photography is based on my love for Nature. Its so precious to capture a lovely moment and feeling that reflects reality as we perceive. Just in that point of time.


I create art inspired by nature and its structures. I love flows and colors of the earth. Thats why I mostly use natural pigments from stones, charcoal and sand. I find these materials on the road.

“Stoned heart embrace”

“The value of nature”

“The river off mother earth”


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