Beyond matter

Im beyond this material world and this is the reason I don’t have a name or express myself within a name. Im the fractal of natures expression with all its emotions and feelings melted together into oneness again. Connect with my and I will give you calmness in the busy world of dillemma that is always running.

” I will give you a sense of peace and balance “

€ 477,00 incl. shipping and frame

Some introduction
My name in Noël and Im an artist living in my self-build campervan. I express the universe inner world together with nature, and that within the art pieces that are presented to you. In the paintings you will find a lot of textures and patterns that can be find all around in nature. The fractals of your world that are connected with the spirit world within us, are created energy grids that are connected with different aspects of space, so can some paintings give a peaceful feelings, others are made to connect with your inner world and so on.
All the pieces are unique and have their own feeling to it that will transmute and translate it into the space and people that are in the space.

Nature talks, just like us

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